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Mousse cakes

CANNES: White chocolate mousse, raspberry cremeux, vanilla sponge cake

CHAMONIX: White chocolate mousse, blueberry, vanilla biscuit with lemon zest

FLORENCE: White chocolate mousse, caramel, almond biscuit

NICE: White chocolate mousse, homemade hazelnut praline, vanilla sponge cake

MILAN: Dark chocolate mousse with Baileys liqueur, white chocolate cremeux, cocoa sponge cake

PORTO: Dark chocolate mousse, coconut mousse, chocolate biscuit

PALMA: Dark chocolate mousse, passion fruit cremeux, cocoa biscuit

BARBADOS: Dark chocolate mousse, cherry filling, chocolate biscuit

MEDELLIN: Milk chocolate mousse with caramel, caramel filling, almond biscuit

ACAPULCO: Coconut mousse, raspberry cremeux, almond sponge cake

ORLANDO: Coconut mousse, mango cremeux, almond sponge cake

You can choose between single-portion mousse cakes (minimum order of 6 pieces in one flavor) or a larger mousse cake for 6-8 pieces.

Pack of 6 cakes in one flavor            EUR 35.90
Cake for 8 pieces                                 45 EUR
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