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MONTPELLIER: Vanilla pastry cream, raspberry confit, white chocolate ganache

BARI: Raspberry confit, white chocolate ganache with pistachio

COPENHAGEN: Blueberry mousse, blueberry confit, white chocolate ganache

MELBOURNE: Mango cremeux, white chocolate ganache

LINZ: Chocolate mousse, milk chocolate ganache

BERN: Chocolate ganache, hazelnut praline, roasted hazelnuts, white chocolate ganache.

SIENNA: Milk chocolate ganache with caramel, caramel, white chocolate ganache

VERONA: vanilla pastry cream, cherry filling, dark chocolate ganache

The minimum order of drinks is 6 pieces in one flavor.

Package of 6 drinks EUR 39.90
Drink for 6-8 pieces EUR 35
Bite size drinks. 36 EUR
(24 pieces/one flavor)
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